Gone to the “Dark Site”

2 05 2007

I have fallen to the dark side… My blog from now on will be updated at www.think2ink.multiply.com.

See you there!


That Long, Huh?

17 04 2007

Has it been that long? My goodness! No wonder even wifey is asking if I’ve been very busy lately… She must have seen that I’ve not updated my blog for 2 weeks!

Work-wise, it’s actually not as busy as before. Maybe that’s also one reason why I don’t seem to be writing much? The more stressed I get, the more I need to write it off, so to speak.

As I was telling her this morning, my boss just gave me an hour-long pep talk on my career path in the company last week, and so suddenly, expectations on me have risen significantly. Perhaps it is simply a psychological knee-jerk effect, but I have now no reason to sit back and let my bosses take all the responsibility and initiative.

Which is both a good and bad thing. Bad as in now I can’t slack as much as I used to, like updating my blog during office hours. Good in the sense that I now have more autonomy to “exercise initiative”, which effectively means more freedom as I’m left more on my own to handle my accounts.

And so, have I been busier? I think the best and most accurate answer would be yes and no?

Having said all, I should be able to update this blog more… I have a whole lot of pictures in my phone that I have taken to put up here, but could never “find the time”! The ironies of life indeed…

No Time for Old Time’s Sake

4 04 2007

One of my old friends sent me this series of MSN messages:

> some update from yesterday gathering
> XXX will be tying the knot next year, finally saw her soon-to-be pilot bf
> XXX will be ROM this July
> that’s abt it. hope next gathering u can attend

I don’t know whether to be happy or sad that my friend had bothered to send me those updates and suddenly I feel bad that I haven’t been able to spend time with them… These are old old friends, people whom I have know for close to 10 years.

I know we all need to move on, but moving on just doesn’t feel right when the past comes to bite you in the behind, and you realize you have left people you care about behind.

Pay Day is PAY Day

4 04 2007

Pay day for me is always met with mixed feelings.

Of course I’m glad that I would (finally) be getting paid for the work I have done, and believe me, I feel I deserved every cent from this last pay cheque. But the nice feelings fade when you realize that most of the money will be paid back to the banks within a week… Bills to pay, loans to clear, some debts to pay, here a little, there a little and before you know it, you’re back to square one in a blink of the eye, waiting for the next pay day to come.

And now, I really cannot understand why people are willing to live in debt their whole lives, working for the bank all the time. I want to be able to spend the money I earn the way I want to. Besides my tithes and offerings to God, I want to have the freedom to decide how I want to spend my money.

There are so many times when I wanted to be generous and help someone in need but cannot, simply because I do not have enough for myself. That’s really sad… I believe God wants us to be prosperous and I’m really praying for that day to come soon. I look forward to the day when I go to the bank just to get my money out, not put my money back in.

Only then will pay day be a truly happy day!

New Place, New Space

3 04 2007

We finally moved! Our new office is now at a shophouse along Amoy Street, above one of the clan associations.

Knowing me, I dumped quite a bit of stuff while packing at the old office. Then I dumped another lot when I unpacked over here. And now, I suddenly seem to have so much space that I sometimes wonder if I had thrown away stuff I needed.

The hysteria worsens each time I cannot seem to find my documents and files among the repacked boxes!

But now that my events and projects are over, things are dying down a bit. I finally had time this week to read the papers (part of my assigned daily duties) after neglecting it for the past half a month. Even then, I still find spare time on my hands to do other stuff…

Of course, I know there will come a day when I will have to rush like mad to catch up on things I should have done when I’m freer (like now), but I have always been a procrastinator.

Or maybe it’s just living out the army way of life: Rush to wait, wait to rush!

Baby Walked!

2 04 2007

This is probably the most exciting news so far, and it’s so exciting I have decided to post it in the main blog and not under my baby’s sub-page!

She walked!

Yes, I know it’s not as if she walked on water like Jesus, but I was playing with her while she was standing next to the sofa. Then suddenly she just turned around, let go of her hand on the sofa, and took her first little steps! And as she moved closer to me, I moved away some more and by the end of it all, she had walked unassisted for at least 3 metres!

And so we spent the rest of the night making her walk some more, all the while trying to film it down on camera. But baby is smart… She’ll not walk but crawl whenever she sees the camera so in the end, we only managed to get a short 3-second clip of her walking.

The whole experience of trying to film her felt pretty surreal… It was almost like trying to capture a UFO sighting and in the end only succeeding in filming a blur spot in the night skies…

But she walked!!

Woman, Thy Name is Paradox

27 03 2007

Call it self delusion, call it guilt. Or maybe it is just the paradoxical nature of women?

Saw these two women this afternoon having vegetable salad and orange juice for lunch. But what seemed like an extremely healthy meal turned out otherwise when I saw this HUGE place of FRIED CHICKEN WINGS! There was at least 8-10 wings on that plate I swear!

Did they really think that they can make up for the negative effects of the chicken wings just by having salad and juice? Or were they simply bluffing themselves to make them feel better?